RYZE Adventure Park

Crafting a New Adventure Brand

The owners of this new adventure park knew that while they were breaking ground to build their physical structure, they needed to also be building their brand and their marketing plan. We had the opportunity to work with these experienced, passionate owners to create an energetic brand and help them announce their entry into the St. Louis market.

What we did

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity
Brand Launch
Website Design & Development
Digital Advertising
Print Collateral
Measurement Setup
Local SEO


  • The company had a name, but no other brand elements.
  • The website didn’t exist.
  • The owners needed to be able to see the results of marketing efforts to know what was working and what wasn’t.
  • The physical structure was still being built, so creativity was required for representing the experience.
  • A brand launch plan was needed.

Defining the Brand

We defined the brand foundation—its purpose, position, pillars, and personality. These elements serve as the base on which the identity is then created. This process involves digging into competitors, audiences, strengths and weaknesses, pricing, and more.

Creating the Identity

The company name, which the owners had already chosen, did a great job of merging the concepts of climbing and achieving. We took that cue and created an inspirational and energetic brand to align with the brand promise of engaging and impactful entertainment. In the visual and verbal expression, you'll notice that it's bright, bold, fun, and welcoming. A lot anchors on "Play Your Way"—an invitation to choose your challenge and define your own fun, which is possible because of the different levels of challenge on the adventure tower.

Building the Site

We built the website using our standard process—creating a bespoke design that incorporates best practices honed from years of building sites and tracking results. It includes information about the challenge levels, cross-promotion of other activities, little callouts to parents, secondary navigation to allow easy in-page navigation on mobile devices, and more.

Brand Launch Plan

We've launched (and relaunched) brands and products in the past, and we used a checklist that we've developed specifically for this purpose, to help craft a brand rollout plan. This ensures a coordinated effort across all channels for maximum impact.

Digital Advertising & Measurement

Like with all of our clients, we also created compelling ads to help get the word out—for both discovery and retargeting efforts. And we set up Google Analytics, conversion tracking, and a dashboard to provide a clear view of how things are going and what kind of return on investment we're seeing.

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