A New Data-Driven Approach to Growth

When Blend and 360 CHICAGO began discussing a potential marketing partnership, they were trying to solve for a lack of in-depth measurement and reporting of their marketing activities, making it difficult to make bold, confident decisions.

We set out to create and execute on a strategy that was driven by data and testing, letting performance lead our decision-making. With ambitious revenue and visitor count growth goals, we created a multi-channel plan for growth and a detailed framework for measurement.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Digital Advertising
Website Design & Dev
Photo & Video Direction
Out-Of-Home Advertising
Content Creation
Local SEO


Insufficient data, reporting, and analysis for both ad platforms and marketers.


More sophisticated measurement, thorough dashboards, regular analysis, and A/B testing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

For a high-volume company like 360 Chicago, even small improvements in the website conversion rate can lead to big gains. Through usability testing, UX consulting, and A/B testing of key pages, we made conversion rate optimization a key component of the marketing stack.

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