Red River Gorge Ziplines

Red River Gorge Zipline has a gorgeous view in one of the country’s most scenic areas, and a stellar staff delivering great experiences. Their new identity, website, and ads now match the quality of this fantastic experience, and showcase RRGZ’s beauty, thrills, and fun.

What We Did

Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
ROI Tracking
SEO & Local Listing
Digital Advertising
Photography & Video Production

Visual Identity

RRGZ is active, thrilling, fun, and professional. The new visual identity communicates those aspects of the brand through a new logo with increased legibility across multiple applications, a fresh color palette, and new design touches throughout.

Photography & Video

New photography and video pair with the new visual identity for a professional and exciting presentation, on the website, advertising platforms, and directory listings such as Google My Business.

Verbal Identity

RRGZ was caught in the common trap of leading with their zipline statistics, with little direct appeal to emotions. The tour's beauty, combined with the thrill factor, merge into energetic calls to action such as "Feel the rush. See the spectacular."

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