Tourism Search Trends

In the wake of COVID-19, we’re watching Google search trends as one way to gauge customer demand. While Google Trends offers some great capabilities, it lacks a simple year-over-year comparison, so we built this dashboard.

Slow loading? See the 8/14/20 U.S. snapshot (PDF).

Report Notes

Drop us a line if you’d like a new country added, but for the technically savvy, you can pass in your region code and region name to the URL so that you can look at ANY country included in Google Trends. For example, here’s the pattern for the UK. The Google Trends region is GB and the name format is United%20Kingdom.

While Google Trends lets you drill down to regions, metro areas, and cities, the connector doesn’t yet support that level of detail. Head over to Google Trends if you need to drill down that far.

This report is based on the Data Studio connector created by @simon_jthompson at StrategiQ.