The Forge Adventure Park

Supporting a Startup During its Growth Phase

Entering their second full year of operations, The Forge was adapting based on what they had learned the prior year. They were adding and removing activities and events, adjusting operating hours, and working on selecting the right pricing model.

In the middle of those changes, they needed to also scale up their marketing efforts, but efficiently and in a trackable way. This is precisely the type of scenario that we've built Blend for, so we were excited to be part of this phase of their growth.

What we did

Website Rebuild
Search Advertising
Social Advertising
Product / Price Consultation
Measurement & Reporting
Print Collateral


The business struggles with an inadequately scaled website, limited local awareness, communication challenges, ineffective advertising, insufficient media content, and inaccurate measurement methods.


The business underwent a website rebuild, engaged in search and social advertising, received product and price consultations, implemented measurement and reporting, and developed print collateral.

Setting Up Reliable Measurement and Reporting

The analytics data was inaccurate due to a few different technical issues. We resolve those issues and helped The Forge team understand what they could do to prevent some of the issues in the future. We also built a detailed dashboard to clearly show things like Return On Ad Spend, traffic, and conversion rates. The usefulness of the reporting was improved by content groupings—such as separating events and races from activities such as ziplining—to let us see the performance of different facets of the business.

Creating a New Website

The original site was built on a platform that lacked the speed and flexibility The Forge required. More importantly, the layout and navigation lacked the clarity and polish needed to help prospective customers understand the park and its many options.

We tackled the information architecture challenge first, determining how to provide a clear overview of the park’s features and activities. We carefully architected the back end of the site so that the staff could easily maintain it despite a large volume of information. And we introduced better cross-promotion to improve both conversion rate and the average value of a booking.

We discuss the process in more detail in our post, The Forge Website: Better Navigation For a Better User Experience.

Adapting to New Business Models

With The Forge's rapid iterations to products, hours, and pricing, we've supported the changes on the website, Google Business, and advertising. Continuity of message is critical; having any communications channels out of sync can create customer confusion, which we have worked with The Forge to mitigate during this phase.

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