Storytelling Examples (Fall 2020 Adventure Park Insider Article Supplement)


We said in the 2020 fall issue of Adventure Park insider that brand storytelling is “your company‚Äôs honest narrative that builds connections with your audience around shared interests and experiences. Your brand story is your unique way to create affinity, trust, and long-term relationships with your fans.”

We also mentioned that in order to tell your brand story you need to focus on sharing content that lives at the intersection of three things:

  1. Who you are as a company (your mission, vision, and values)
  2. The identity of your audience, including their (current) needs and wants
  3. What you can offer your audience to meet those needs and wants

Here are some examples of companies doing a good job of this.

Timely, on-brand

Weave the season into your story
Communicate your brand vision into your message

Honest, helpful

Even if the weather isn’t great, give your guests a fun insight

Recent, fun

Recent, relevant examples of what your experience could look like
Show that it’ll be fun
Compel people with the uniqueness of the experience in a particular time of year

Consistent, multi-channel

Be consistent across all your digital channels


About The Author

Nathan Andrew

Nate is passionate about helping companies reach their goals through integrated digital marketing campaigns and local SEO. He loves helping tour and activity company leaders stay focused on the numbers that matter, and fostering sustainable long term growth and profitability.