Blend Travel Marketing’s Top Articles and Videos of the Year [2023 Edition] 

Dorene Wharton

The year-end is upon us, and our readers have voted! We’ve tallied up the most viewed, watched, and read posts of 2023 from the Blend Travel Marketing blog. Every month, our marketing team produces content such as articles, videos, client spotlights, and easy-to-digest marketing tips. Our goal? To provide practical, actionable information for our tours, activities, and attractions operators so they can thrive.

Here’s a curated list of the most popular tourism marketing articles of 2023 (drum roll, please!). Perhaps you’ll discover some new resources from this list to help you along your tourism marketing journey:

Blend’s Most Popular Tours & Activities Articles & Videos Of 2023

12. Creating a Unifying Parent Brand – Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge Vacations had many components of a great company to do business with—except that company didn’t exist. Their plethora of individual companies had shared ownership but didn’t have a shared purpose or an official unifying brand.

To realize the benefits, the companies needed to be unified internally and externally, so we created a parent company, Red River Gorge Vacations. Learn about the thought process and result.

11. From Skepticism to Success: Legacy Mountain Ziplines’ Long-Term Marketing Agency Relationship

When Legacy Mountain Ziplines first partnered with us four years ago, they were skeptical that a marketing agency relationship would be successful in helping them grow their revenue. Little did they know that the partnership would be the key to their success (and incredibly rewarding for Blend, too). Walk through our 4-year journey and success with Legacy Mountain Ziplines.

10. Tourism Marketing Tip #3 – Maximize Revenue Using Search Impression Share in Google Ads [Video]

Find out about search impression share and how watching that crucial metric in Google ads can help maximize your revenue in the third video of our Tourism Marketing Tips Video Series.

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9. Try Simplified Mobile Layouts for Better Conversion Rates

After a recent website rebuild for a client, most of the conversion numbers had improved. Still, one of the tour pages saw a significant and mysterious decrease in its mobile conversion rate.

The Blend team assessed the page and concluded that the mobile experience had quickly become too cluttered and that some essential information had been pushed too far down. We ran a test with Google Optimize and quickly saw significant results. Find out what we did.

8. 7 Ways to Boost Your Tour Revenue with Timely Targeted Messaging

Achieving a solid return on advertising happens by striking the right note with the right person at each point throughout the year. There are multiple ways to boost your revenue with timely and targeted messages, and over the last few years, we’ve implemented a few new tools and methods to do this. Read more about the tools and methods we used.

7. Tourism Marketing Tip: Your Website v.s. Your Booking Engine [Video]

Your website and booking engine have separate functions; understanding them correctly is crucial. Brian shares their distinctive roles in this Tourism Marketing Tip and demonstrates the importance of getting them right.

6. How to Build a Holiday Gift Card Strategy to Maximize Revenue & Profits

There’s been a shift towards experiences as gifts, and many tour and activity companies are well-positioned to sell gift vouchers over the holidays. To help you, we’ve updated our post about building a holiday gift card strategy to maximize revenue & profits. If you’re even thinking about running a holiday gift card campaign in the future, don’t miss this.

5. 81 Tips to Improve Direct Bookings for Tours, Activities, and Attractions

There are countless tips and tricks to improve direct bookings in the tourism industry, so we compiled the best tips to enhance direct bookings for tours, activities, and attractions so that you learn, implement them, and feel the power of direct bookings.

Read our best tips to improve direct bookings.

4. 22 Top Tourism Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

We want you to be one step ahead of the competition. Our team of tourism marketing professionals compiled this list of common marketing mistakes that tours, activities, and attractions often make. Find out if you’re making any of these costly mistakes.

3. How Are Tourism Copywriters Using ChatGPT?

By now, you’ve probably used ChatGPT to write marketing copy for your tour, activity, or attraction business. But what is the tourism copywriter’s perspective on ChatGPT (and other AI tools)? Are they using them, and how? What do they do to ensure good results every time?
Learn about how we tactically use AI in our copywriting.

2. Growing Revenue Through Direct Bookings Part 7 of 7 Video Series [Video]

We wrapped up our 7-part Direct Bookings Video Series with one of our favorite topics: Top Tips for a Higher-Converting Website. In this video, Brian goes through a checklist of tips and real-life examples for each. Follow along with these tips that could improve your website’s conversion rate.

1. How Important Is Advertising on Google Things To Do?

Our number one article read by Tours, Activities, and Attractions in 2023 is on the hot topic of Google Things To Do. This topic is popular for good reason, but it is only suitable for some brands. This post has also been updated with new information, including using Google’s New Travel Campaigns to get campaigns live easily. Find out more about advertising on this platform.

What Topics Do YOU Want To Learn More About In 2024?

We want to hear from you as we plan our articles and videos for 2024. What marketing challenges are you facing, and what tourism marketing topics do you like to learn? What burning questions do you wish you had answers or solutions to? Please get in touch with us and let us know. Let’s Chat.

Thanks for reading the Blend Travel Marketing Blog; wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024.

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Dorene Wharton

Dorene is a content strategist and 25-year marketer working in all areas of the discipline for global and national brands, including hotels, tours, and event companies in Canada, Latin America, India, UK, and the USA.

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About The Author

Dorene Wharton

Dorene is a content strategist and 25-year marketer working in all areas of the discipline for global and national brands, including hotels, tours, and event companies in Canada, Latin America, India, UK, and the USA.