12 Most Important Messaging Changes To Make During COVID-19


Perfecting and communicating your pandemic policies is, at the moment, a key part of any tourism business. The more confident and safe your customers feel, the more likely they are to book your tour or activity, which impacts your bottom line.

In this video, we show you step by step how to optimize your website and other digital properties for the COVID and post-COVID world. The video contains chapters, listed in the checklist below, so you can easily skip anything you’ve already completed.

The 12-Point COVID-19 Messaging Checklist

  • Add a COVID/Health persistent notification to every page on your site.  0:25
  • Have a single page on your site (ideally /covid) that collates all information around health policies, rebooking and cancellation, and other relevant questions. 2:35
  • Add relevant health information to your booking engine and waiver system. 5:21
  • Regularly post COVID updates on Google My Business. 7:02
  • Regularly post COVID updates on Facebook. 10:37
  • Update TripAdvisor and other OTAs with relevant COVID information, and ensure your hours and inventory are correctly displayed. 15:01
  • Utilize auto responses in Messenger to quickly answer the most common questions that people have (masks, opening times, etc). 18:46
  • Verify that current hours and other information is correctly being displayed on Yelp, Bing Maps and other relevant directories. 24:26
  • Include your COVID policies in your newsletter and booking confirmation emails. Make sure the current statuses of your facilities and services are clearly stated. 28:30
  • Update your phone system to provide answers to the most common COVID related questions that people have. 30:27
  • Show the current in-trip experience with relevant photos across social media and your website. 31:10
  • Feature reviews and testimonials on your website that speak to how you are effectively implementing COVID protocols and having fun! 32:15

And that’s it! If you have any additional questions, please connect with our friendly team through chat, email or a quick call.


About The Author

Jeremiah Calvino

Jeremiah is the founder of Blend Marketing. He loves helping tour operators grow their business and deliver great experiences.